X-Ray Exams

Please Note: All of our locatons will be closed on Saturday February 17th and Monday February 19th for the Family Day long weekend. We will reopen regular hours on Tuesday February 20th. Happy Family Day!

X-Rays are the most commonly used diagnostic medical imaging tool available. X-Rays are performed for a variety of reasons to evaluate bones, lungs, or soft tissues within the body.

An X-Ray creates a grey-scale image of the body where structures of different densities show up with various levels of brightness. Dense parts of the body (such as bone) appear bright white on an X-Ray. Muscle and organs (commonly referred to as soft tissues) show up as various shades of grey, depending on their density. Hollow or air-filled parts of the body (including the lungs) show up black.

*Please note: All of our x-ray exams are walk-in only. There may also be longer than usual wait times during the lunch hour.

Pureform Procedure

After you check in at the front desk, you will be brought back to a change room where your technologist will greet you.

You may be asked to change out of your clothing and remove jewelry as metal shows up on X-rays. Your Technologist will position you in different ways to demonstrate area of concern and take the necessary number of X-rays, always keeping in mind the safest amount of radiation.

Depending on the number of exams in front of you, it can take 5-15 min on average.


There is no preparation required in advance for your X-Ray. However, you may be asked to remove any clothing which has metal (such as zippers or buttons) or any other metal items (such as jewelery) as these objects interfere with the images obtained.

In order to ensure that you can get your x-ray done before the end of the day please arrive at least 30 minutes before closing.

When Will I get my Results?

Your doctor who ordered the exam will receive the results within a week or same day if required urgently.