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09 Jun


Unusual X-Rays

June 9, 2014 | By |

Turns out photographer David Maisel isn’t the only artist who enjoys using x-rays to create wonderfully detailed prints of unusual objects.  We came across an article that documents how artist Nick Veasey uses X-Rays to image larger-than-life objects, including that massive Boeing 777 at the top of this post.

Nick uses a custom concrete structure he calls the “Black Box” to safely contain the radiation when exposing his uniquely massive objects.

We like his take on why he has chosen to use X-Ray as his medium of choice:

“I love the medium because in an often superficial world, it strips away all the superficial skin of the subject and concentrates on what it’s made from.”

You can find Nick’s new book X-Ray: See Through the World Around You on Amazon, and read the full Fast Company article here.