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2013 September

25 Sep


Artember in Airdrie

September 25, 2013 | By |

Pureform & PureKids is proud to participate in ARTember 2013 – a celebration of the Arts in Airdrie for 17 days throughout September.

We are host to some fantastic artwork in our Airdrie clinic and welcome the public to come check it out!

More information can be found on the ARTember website here.

19 Sep


Signage updates

September 19, 2013 | By |

Sometimes things need updating to make them more useful. Our large pylon sign off 130 avenue was one of these things and received a facelift this past week.

Patients should find it much easier to spot our sign while driving to the SouthTrail clinic. Our old hard-to-spot sign didn’t tell you much about what we did either – the face of our new sign proudly (and clearly) reads RADIOLOGY.

The prerequisite “Before” shot:


And now for the great unveiling:


A big thanks goes out to our friends at AllRush for their exceptional workmanship!